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Conditions of sale

Prepare your shipment
  • What can you ship and where?
  • In general, any goods offending our local or the destination’s regulations will be prohibited from transport.
  • Cash express shipping is prohibited.
  • Make sure that your goods meet the standards of air travel. (See the restrictions by country)

  • What type of packaging to use?
  • Envelope, carton, crate? You do not know how to package your shipments? Do not panic, TOP CHRONO will help you?.
  • For Your documents from 500 g to 2 kg, use-plain envelopes, at your documents size. TOP CHRONO offers you plastic over packs, inviolable, to secure your shipments in the best way.
  • For your larger documents, choose cardboard box. More convenient and reliable for the safety of your items. We will provide the best material to seal your boxes.
  • For packages, favor boxes and solid wooden crates *. They provide better conditioning and optimal protection of your content.

* This Package is not provided by TOP CHRONO. See conditions of sale..
For every sending a form will be given to you to fill. It must be properly filled, to ensure optimal delivery.

For items of value, insurance is available.

  • What do we required from you to do your shipping?
To ensure delivery in the best conditions, we need:
  • The full and correct address of the recipient
  • A valid phone number and a contact name
  • For packages: a bill of no commercial value or commercial invoice is required
  • For packages with local products, a certificate from the competent services will be necessary (especially for the shipments to the United States)
  • For every shipment, the form must be properly completed

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